Onion Color Sorter

Dehydrated Onion Color Sorting Machine

Color Sorting machine that gives excellent output in less number of channels. CAMSORT is superior in its class with the double side camera that ensures optimum quality in sorting specific commodities. CAMSORT is available in 3 different specifications like 150, 180 & 240 channels with output capacity of up to 4 tons per hour* if 2% to 4 % contamination is present in the input commodity. The commodities that can be sorted using CAMSOR are all types of Rice, Little Millet (Bagaur), Cluster Bean (Guargum), Sugar, Coriander, Gum, Dehydrated onion, Urad dhal, Moong dhal, Broken cashew, Watermelon seeds, Cucumber seeds, Paddy seeds, Wheat etc.

Technical Features
  • Programmable reject size
  • High speed line scan camera
  • Automatic tank sensor
  • Imported aluminum extrude
  • Pressure Sensor
  • CPLDs for highly reliable circuits
  • Touch screen interface with 32 pre installed program settings
  • Integrated ejector indication

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

Dehydrated Onion Sorting Machine

Technical Features

CCD Camera Trichromatic Sorting RGB full color camera can detect multi color grains. The input commodity passes through a powerful camera of fine 2098 pixel resolution and 4.5 meters per second scanning speed to ensure great output quality for your product.

Quad Level Sorting Technology with the all new XSort series color sorters you can now set different levels to sort precise spot defect, color defect and chalky. XSort is equipped with defect grouping by dark and light sorting technology. It can group the defects at two levels as color defect & spot defect and at each group it can sort dark and light defect thus giving you the benefits of 4 levels of sorting for your input commodity.

Software full color sorting software can set any color as defect. the intelligent edge detection and outline mapping technology find shape, spot detect and size of defect.

FPGA as usual you can keep counting on us because we are using field programmable gate array with 5 million gates that is designed and manufactured in Germany especially for Orange. We use highly reliable industrial grade components for building the machine thus increasing the machines reliability manifold.

Simultaneous sorting mode in this mode you can remove dark defect and light defect at the same time. This feature can be set for individual cameras too.

Programmable Defect Size take full control on the defect size in your commodity. Now you can instruct the machine to measure the length and width of the defect's size in your input commodity and accept or reject it according to your need.

Reverse Sorting Mode the forward sorting mode helps in removing the defective product from the good and the reverse sorting mode removes good product from the bad.

Diagnostic Facility this feature can measure voltage, current, air pressure & status at different stages to identify the condition of the machine inside.

Easy Trouble Shooting now you will easily understand the problems in the machine as we have facilitated it with error codes. These codes will indicate you about the component that needs to be changed or what actions to be taken to troubleshoot.

Internet Connectivity in full duplex now its as good as you and our backend service team is virtually sitting right in front of your XSort. Control the machine from your laptop and in case if you need assistance in settings or trouble shooting, we will do it for you from our office. Also get the machine to send reports to office (Optional).


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